The Big Picture – Inquiry Through Art



Webinar hosted by Lise Farquhar


The Big Picture – Inquiry Through Art

Webinar hosted by Lise Farquhar

“But I can’t draw.”

As an Art teacher I hear this all the time, say it all the time and think about it all the time, which fuels my fire. Art is not about drawing. It is the ultimate opportunity for students to inquire deeply into their learning from across the curriculum and life. Find out and share ways to shift the focus from techniques and terminology to context and concepts.

Lise Farquhar

Art Teacher
Lise Farquhar has been working in education for 20+ year across 4 continents. With a background in Fine Art as well as experience as a homeroom teacher, online learning specialist and museum workshop facilitator, she has developed a truly trans-disciplinary approach to arts-based learning.
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