Provocation – a doorway to Inquiry



Webinar hosted by Sonia Singh


Learning Together through Inquiry

Webinar hosted by Sonia Singh

Provocations are found at the start of an inquiry to provoke thoughts, ideas and ignite curiosity. They allow teachers to gain an insight into what the students know and where to take the learning experiences into the future. Good engaging provocations spark a lot of learning opportunities leading to engaging questions, powerful discussions and paving a way to inquire further. As a true PYP educator, reflecting and refining our provocations is something that is critical to developing student’s learning and sparking curiosity. What are some of your favourite provocations? I will be sharing some of my favourite ones with you that led to questions and engagements for deeper learning.

Sonia Singh

PYP Coordinator
Hi, I’m Sonia Singh! I am a PYP Coordinator in India with an experience of over 13 years in the education industry. I have worked in some of the country’s best schools with the national curriculum, Cambridge curriculum and the IB curriculum. I am a major in Chemistry from one of the country’s best college, St. Stephens College, Delhi University. I have also done my MA in education. Currently, besides my full-time role of a coordinator, I am also the Toddle Ambassador (Toddle LMS for IB schools). I am also a training mentor with Lausanne Learning, USA and a coach with HIghr, India.
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