Welcome Back to School



Webinar hosted by Maike Silver


Welcome back to school

Maike Silver

Following a difficult year shaped by Covid19 school- reopening needs to be carefully planned. This welcome back to school session will focus on 3 key questions.

What team-building activities can help set the tone for our leadership team and/or teachers?
How might do we engage leadership/ teachers in school-wide goal setting?
Whether we open face-to-face or online, how do we address the well-being of our students and teachers?

Maike Silver
Maike Silver has been involved in education for 25 years, teaching and working with students from three to nineteen years of age, both in the English and German language. During this time she worked in four International School in four continents. She is currently the Principal of the Junior School at the Aga Khan Academy in Maputo. For the past 15 years, she has worked in multiple roles across all the IB regions including consulting two of the Crawford schools during the authorization process. Her passion and experience lies in guiding teachers in educational practices, developing leadership capacities within schools, leading workshops and consulting schools in their quest to become expert IB world schools following the framework of the PYP.




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