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Webinar hosted by Karen Crooke

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Teacher Agency

Karen Crooke

Teacher Agency is a redundant term as far as I am concerned. Developing and building an agentic environment that supports all learners is the key to educational change. In the time we have, I hope to share some thoughts and wonderings about the alignment of agency to pedagogy and accountability, the “collective good” and teacher wellbeing. I have asked four members of our team to share their experiences and I would like to finish off with some misconceptions – without putting a damper on it’s importance and relevance to 21st C education.

Karen Crooke
Karen is a kidwatcher from way-back. Educated in Australia and the UK, at a time when whole language and inquiry were encouraged and celebrated. She has been a teacher, a coach, a team-leader, a coordinator, an assistant principal and now a principal. She is a IB PYP advocate who has led workshops in Asia, Africa and Europe. She now spends her time developing inquiry-based open-ended curricular that gives learners big and small, opportunities to be curriculum-makers rather than curriculum-coverers (if that is even a word). She lives in Bangalore, India where she has been working from home for fourteen months.



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