Developing Relationships in Your Classroom to Increase Agency



Webinar hosted by Dr. Ilene Winokur

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Developing Relationships in Your Classroom to Increase Agency

Dr. Ilene Winokur

Why do we need Belonging before Bloom? How can creating relationships with students increase student agency and improve outcomes? Feeling like you belong is relational and increases self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-efficacy which transfers into agency. When teachers value students for their uniqueness by getting to know them, listening to their stories, helping them create relationships with them and their peers they are motivated to participate, take risks with their learning, and improve their learning outcomes. This presentation will share different ways to ensure a safe, accepting, inclusive environment for all students to feel a sense of belonging.

Dr. Ilene Winokur Educator

Dr. Ilene Winokur has lived in Kuwait since 1984 and is a professional development specialist supporting teachers and students globally. Prior to retiring in 2019, she was a teacher and administrator for 25 years. Her blog, podcast, and upcoming book focus on the importance of feeling a sense of belonging. You can connect with Ilene on Twitter @IleneWinokur and find links to her podcast and blog on her website:


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