Agency through the Culture of Thinking in Early Years



Webinar hosted by Samah Abou Ghazal

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Agency through the Culture of Thinking in Early Years

Samah Abou Ghazal

This webinar will shed the light on empowering young learners to become active agents and thinkers, where they lead their own learning, and develop thier thinking dispositions. In the webinar, we will define what is agency and see the impacts of raising autonomous learners on the learning process. Establishing an environment conducive to thinking and learning will give the children a voice with what and how they want to learn.
We will look at a documentation of a unit that will help us see agency in action.
Fostering a culture of thinking will promote a sense of agency within the classroom environment where thinking becomes the core of learning, and the teacher becomes a consultant in the process.

Samah Abou Ghazal
PYP KG1 Homeroom Teacher and team leader



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