Du Iz Tak? – Translanguaging and Symbolic Learning


Webinar hosted by Josh Blue


Du Iz Tak? – Translanguaging and Symbolic Learning
Du Iz Tak? Manazoot. Translanguaging. Meaning making is at the heart of self-expression, self-understanding and communication. Delving into the concept of ‘Translanguaging’, we will explore how every has voice, choice and ownership and the ability to express themselves, regardless if they are familiar with the language of instruction or not. Using picture books, research and YOU, we are going to redefine ‘language’ by exploring the power of using what we know and who we are to communicate and express ourselves. We will co-construct a model of translanguaging and look specifically at way to embed key practices in your classroom.

Josh Blue
International trainer
For more than 18 years, Josh Blue has been living and learning as an international educator in the Asia-Pacific region. Josh Blue is currently Head of Primary at Discovery College Hong Kong. He has been in Hong Kong for the last 18 years working within the local and international sectors with learners from age three to adult. Josh has his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Change. He leads workshops regularly for the IB, particular on Play, Symbolic Languages of Children and the Early Years. Josh has worked with educators across the Asia-Pacific region as a workshop leader, school evaluator and consultant.



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