FENG SHUI: a smooth start for important results in your classroom


Webinar hosted by Cristiano Falconi


FENG SHUI: a smooth start for important results in your classroom

Cristiano Falconi

In this webinar we will know the basics of feng shui and how to design your classroom. We will share info about: colors, setting and general feng shui tips.
Cristiano Falconi
Feng shui consultant
Cristiano was born in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1974. After to secondary school Cristiano read Law at Urbino University (Italy) where he graduated in Law with History. At the age of 20, he started to practice yoga and meditation and became aware of his need to create harmony around himself. This inner search for harmony brought him close to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, which Cristiano perceives as the answer to the human need for balance and harmony in living environments that allow people to feel well and realise their aims. Cristiano attended several Feng Shui seminars and courses in Milan and Edinburgh become Feng Shui consultant. Cristiano is a member of the Chue Foundation. Since 2010 he is based in Dubai and provides consultations in Middle East, Africa and Europe.


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