Becoming Agentic Educators


Webinar hosted by Lu Gerlach


Becoming Agentic Educators

Lu Gerlach

As educators, we are making non-stop decisions throughout the day about what and how ideas are shared. In this workshop, we are going to explore how to share that decision-making process with our students, so they can develop their agentic thinking. This is a process and it requires us to be intentional and release some of the control. Are you ready to become an agentic educator?

Lu Gerlach
Inernational Educator
Lu Gerlach is a second generation educator and has been fascinated with inquiry since a young age. She enjoys tinkering with ideas whether as a PYP Coordinator, Librarian, IB educator, or Educational Consultant. She shares her passion of the PYP with educators from around the world on her podcast Confessions of a PYP Teacher. You can find her on social media either at @thinkchat2020 or @Lu Gerlach.


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