Positive Discipline in the Classroom, Become a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator by Joy Marchese, Dubai


Workshop  hosted by Joy Marchese

5-6 November 2021

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Positive Discipline in the Classroom, Become a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator by Joy Marchese, Dubai

Workshop hosted by Joy Marchese

This workshop provides educators across all educational contexts, the opportunity to develop an understanding of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) though a practical ‘hand-on’ approach. Each collaborative session enables participants to develop current practice and develop strategies for successful implementation.


5-6 November 2021

The workshop will provide teachers with the concepts and skills necessary to successfully implement effective class meetings that create a classroom which enhances cooperation, collaboration, problem solving skills, conflict resolution, communication skills, accountability, responsibility, self discipline, self-esteem, and mutual respect. This workshop will also introduce Positive Discipline methods that are designed to teach students’ essential life skills and important perceptions of courage, confidence, and capability. The fringe benefit is the elimination of most discipline problems and the opportunity to focus on academic achievement.

Effective discipline teaches self-discipline from within the student, an “inner locus of control”, by helping the student figure out what causes problems and how to solve them. Punishment teaches an “external locus of control”: where a student depends on punishment or rewards from others as motivators. Effective discipline means using methods that teach important life skills such as cooperation, respect, concern for self and others, and problem solving skills.

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5-6 November 2021


Face-to-face Workshop


700 euros
All prices are exclusive of tax.
If you are resident in the European Union, VAT will be added to the total amount (unless you are a school with a VAT number)


Joy Marchese, MA, CPDT, is a Positive Discipline Trainer who pioneered Positive Discipline in the UK. Joy has worked as a teacher, trainer, and parent educator in various schools and corporate settings for over 20 years. Her experience teaching in both public and private schools, training managers in large companies and running an educational non-profit organization has helped her understand the unique needs of culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups.

Most recently Joy delivers training and workshops internationally through Positive Discipline UK. Concurrently she also works as a secondary teacher at The American School in London, England, where she successfully implements Positive Discipline in the classroom and delivers teacher training and parent education courses within her school and community.

Joy was first introduced to Positive Discipline while training teachers to work with students in “at risk” schools throughout the boroughs of New York City. At the time she was the Program Director for an educational non-profit organization whose aim was to build resiliency in children. Joy’s own success using the Positive Discipline tools while teaching High School students at Rikers Island Jail is what motivated her to share these tools with others that spent their time with children that displayed extreme behaviour challenges. What she quickly realized is that every child is “at risk” of not fulfilling their true potential and that all children needed to learn these same life skills.
Joy’s Master Degree in Education from Hofstra University is secondary to the education and experience she has achieved from her successes and challenges as a teacher to thousands of students. Joy has a lifelong commitment and passion for child development and education. It is her mission to share her knowledge and experience with both teachers and parents around the globe.

Workshop Objective

– How to use Positive Discipline Classroom Management Tools.
– How to help students feel listened to, valued, and respected – the basis of belonging and significance.
– Understand why children misbehave and what to do about it – the misbehaving child is a discouraged child who needs encouragement the most but often gets it the least.
– How to teach students the Eight Building Blocks for Effective Class Meetings.
– How to use the class meeting process to create a classroom climate that enhances academic learning.
– How to use the Teacher Helping Teacher Problem Solving Steps where teachers learn to help each other with real classroom challenges.
– Gain experience teaching a social-emotional curriculum that also enhances academic skills.
– Have a set of resource materials for future reference.


These courses provide specific training enabling the participant to become either a “Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator,” as authorized by the Positive Discipline Association (www.positivediscipline.org). This qualifies the recipient to use Positive Discipline in their classroom, and to become part of an International network of Positive Discipline Educators. Attendees will also be invited to join in a mentor group of Certified Educators, to receive continuous support along their Positive Discipline journey.

Certificates of Attendance will be issued to participants who have taken part in all sessions. Please make sure your personal information is correct in the registration form.


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